BMW E90 335d 286HP – STAGE 3

BMW 335d Stage 3 (500HP, 1000NM)

dragy GPS results:

100-200 kmh/h 8.18s

0-100 km/h 3.86s 

1/8 mile 7.52s 

1/4 mile 11.62s 


  1. BALL BEARING Big Turbo from TurboSystems;
  2. XHP stage 3;
  3. 89mm Donwpipe;
  4. 76mm stainless steel Straight pipe exhaust whit
    101mm inlet;
  5. Wagner EVO3 BIG intercooler;
  6. Swirl flap deleted with new intake manifold
    oem seals;
  7. R90 HPFP with new better fuel sensors;
  8. Installed EGR delleted kit;
  9. Changed oem timing chain with new originals
    all seals, new performance valve springs, valve stem seal, valve lifter;
  10. Changed glow plugs, engine oil with filter,
    gearbox oil, gearbox filter and all sleeves and seals, air filter, fuel filter,
    new vacuum pipes, new crankcase oil, breather seperator filter.

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